Maternity Care

It’s a good idea to apply for maternity care before the fourth month of your pregnancy.

After you have applied for maternity care we will contact you for an intake around the seventh month of your pregnancy. The intake will take place at home or by phone. We will then discuss all kinds of practical matters relating to your child’s birth and your maternity time. We will also determine the number of hours of maternity care to which you are entitled.

Number of hours of maternity care
The number of hours of maternity care to which you are entitled is determined on the basis of an indication form. The basic indication is 49 hours divided among 8 days. That may be more or fewer hours, depending on your personal situation. Your needs, your child needs and the needs of your family will all be taken into consideration.

Costs of maternity care
The costs of the maternity care will be covered by your insurance. However, you will have to pay a statutorily determined patients contribution. In 2017 the contribution is € 4.30 per hour. In some cases these costs will also be covered by your insurance; that depends on your supplementary insurance.

Maternity aids
From week 35 of your pregnancy onwards you may collect the prescribed maternity aids from our servicepunten free of charge. What you will need you can read in the list of essentials.

Support in the event of home birth
Would you like your baby to be born at your home? In that case one of our maternity nurses will come to your home to support you and the obstetrician. She is specially trained to support home births and will make sure that everything will be ready for the birth so that you will be able to deliver your baby in a relaxed atmosphere. She will also look after you and your baby straight after the delivery.

Maternity care at home
The first few days after your baby’s birth you’ll probably have loads of questions. Our maternity nurse will explain things to you and answer all your questions. She will support you if you want to breastfeed your baby or provide advice if you decide to bottle-feed your baby. The nurse will also help you with household chores and in caring for any other children you may have.