Special Service

Special Nursing Services is a specialized unit of “Patient Care Home Service & Surgical Items” that provides assessments and treatments in the outpatient setting.  It is designed for patients who don’t need to be hospitalized or don’t qualify for home health services but still require daily treatments.

Services are provided on a physician referral basis, by appointment only. The referring physician, or a staff member from their office, will need to call Special Nursing Services and schedule an appointment for the patient.

Treatments provided in Special Nursing Services include:

•    Catheter Insertion Non-Indwelling (Straight Cath)
•    Catheter Insertion Indwelling (Foley Cath)
•    IV Immunoglobulin
•    Therapeutic phlebotomy
•    Central Line Management
•    PICC and midline insertion, care and removal
•    Blood Draw off Port -A -Cath (includes flushing port)
•    Chemo Hormonal Anti-Neoplastic SQ or IM (Lupron and Zoledex)
•    Chemo Non Hormonal Anti-Neoplastic SQ or IM (Methotrexate IM)
•    Epogen (Procrit), Neupogen, Neulasta
•    Iron Therapy
•    Remicade, Tysabri, Gilenya
•    Zometa, Reclast, Boniva, Prolia
•    Blood transfusions/Hemophilia Factors
•    Wound care procedures (acute wound care provided)
•    Simple dressing changes
•    IV Cardiac Support therapy
•    Antiemetic Therapy
•    IV steroids
•    Tracking and monitoring of lab work
•    IV/IM Antibiotics, antifungal and antiviral therapies
•    Hydration and electrolyte replacement
•    Rhogam injections
•    Bladder Scanning
•    We will assist your physician with the following procedures:  Thoracentesis,
Paracentesis, Lumbar puncture and blood patches.
•    And more…